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Sacred Knot Tattoo Studio, Llandudno

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything on our website for a little while… There has been quite a lot going on! Sacred Knot Studio After spending a couple of years tattooing in Manchester, Sean felt it was time to move home to Llandudno and the first part of the year has…(Read More)

Cymru, Wales

Sorry, but this one’s gonna be in Welsh guys! Dwi wedi trio fy ngorau i ddysgu gymaint a sy’n bosib amdan hanes a ddiwylliant Cymru, ac sut mae’r byd o’n gwmpas wedi rhyngweithio a newid Cymru trwy’r oesoedd. Am wlad fach, mae ganddom ni hanes cyfoethog! Yn dechrau gyda pobl…(Read More)

Sean Parry

There is a story behind every tattoo that’s ever been put on skin. Maybe the story was that it was a deeply spiritual well planned out experience. Maybe it was a drunken tattoo in Ibiza. Maybe it’s three stars to symbolise the wearers three children, maybe it’s just because it seemed to…(Read More)