Insular Celtic Hound Tattoo

Tristan’s Celtic Hound

This week I worked with Tristan on a Celtic inspired hound.

The hound is inspired by the Celtic Insular style, but very much a modern take on the ideas. This design (like all my work) was drawn free hand on the skin. There was no pre made sketch for this… other than the years of research and practice I’ve done in my own time to master the style to the best of my abilities. We work like this at Sacred Knot to make the design flows in harmony with the body. We work directly with the client on the design and ideas within it. It’s not possible to make this connection before you meet someone, or to me to find that flow on paper and then transfer it onto the body. 

On the back of his arm, you can see the mane and tail of the beast. You may notice that this piece is a lot more swirly than my usual work. This is where the Insular Celtic influence came into these knots. Tristan comes from Brittany, and being a fellow Celt he wanted his tattoo to represent his love for his culture and history.

Recently, I have mentioned a lot about my yearning to balance out tattooing Nordic with Celtic. It is really exciting to be back tattooing swirls as well as knots! I hope to share with the world more examples of the possibilities of Celtic art in tattooing..

It was a pleasure to meet you Tristan, and thank you for trusting me with your hide 🙏