Irish Celtic tattoo by sacred knot, Sean parry, cù chulainn

The Four Treasures Of Tuatha Dé Danann

The Four Treasures Of Tuatha Dé Danann: The cauldron, stone, sword and the spear. 

The last two treasures are on the inside of Antony’s arm. 

You might notice from the image that there’s not so many knots in this tattoo. This is because it’s a neo traditional take on the early Irish celtic style that would have been present in Ireland pre Christianity, as there’s no doubt that the Irish mythology is extremely pagan and old in origin… and knotwork hadn’t hit the scene by this point. It was all swirly boys and crazy hidden geometry. 

Can’t wait to do more on this piece in the future, and currently all requests to do Celtic tattoos take priority in my bookings to balance out the Celtic to Nordic ratio. I love doing Nordic tattoos, but I’ve always needed to keep a balance of the two to keep my imagination and ideas fresh.