Nordic Tattoo by Sean Parry bindrune sacred knot

Tanner’s Sleeve


Work in progress. As Tanner wanted to have a Celtic Norse sleeve, we used som Hiberno-Norse historical artefacts as reference. For instance, the wolf head on Tanners lower arm is inspired by the ornamentation from the end of a drinking horn terminal in this crossover style, found in Norway. Some of the other panels are a mix of Mammen and Jelling style, as well as the classic celtic La Téne style and linear knotwork.

The bindrune we created together holds great meaning to Tanner. It is contemporary to his life and direction, as well as referencing beliefs and ideas he wishes to draw strength from.

I aim to honour and uphold the rules and forms of ancient art to the best of my abilities. However, I don’t pretend that we don’t live in the present. Live your own saga. Spin your own fate. Even if the tapestry of your life is already woven…:)

It was a pleasure to see you again and share stories Tanner, see you in the New Year 🙂