Nordic Tattoo by Sean Parry



Here’s some shots of my friend Njal’s forearm to date. The whole thing is done by hand poke, aka no tattoo machine. Njal has been very patient letting me try various techniques and since we started this a year ago. Now, I think I have found my preferred method. I certainly didn’t get to this point on my own; @ihudatattoo was kind enough to share his wisdom with me on his methods and without him I would still be working twice as hard with a lesser output. I don’t pretend to be as accomplished as Tor though… his work is flawless, so check out his work if you haven’t already.

The designs illustrate an ancient Pictish myth of a family of farmers trying to harness the power of the kelpies in the time of a bad harvest. I can’t express enough in words how much I love to story tell through my work, so I do it on skin instead! 😀 Thanks for being patient with me Njal, see you guys soon.