La Tene back tattoo

La Tène Spine Tattoo

Last year I tattooed this neo traditional La Tène design based on my studies of late Iron Age British art.



If you zoom in you can see the design is done completely in dots. This is not historical as there is no archeological evidence of tattooing in this time period in Britain (or the Viking age). However, as I love working in dots, this is how I did it! Artwork from this period was expressed in 3D form as well as two dimensional, so I mixed the two with the engraved style most commonly used in the Celtic mirrors like the #desboroughmirror1.

You may be asking why I’m babbling on so much about old history stuff here? As well as history being my passion, it’s also where I find the most creative and dynamic energy. The original craftsmen of this period defined this type of art to its highest level, so I always attempt to build on the groundwork they put down before us. 2000 years ago in this case. 

As well as creating amazing designs, I believe they embedded a language of spiritual ideas into these patterns too. People tend to focus on the triskele in celtic art… the three arms. However, in this period there was always a great emphasis on the mirrored pattern too. Summer and winter, past and present, life and death. And then there’s the hidden beasts… 


Celtic Art

These are the creatures and themes I want to explore more through Celtic art. So please book in with me if your as curious to discover them with me. 

I’ve also been asked a lot through expressing my passion for Celtic art if I’ve given up on the Nordic. This is not the case at all, I just want to delve deeper into the swirly madness as much as the Nordic knots! If you look back through my work you’ll see I’ve always done Celtic tattoos as much as the Nordic. So don’t worry if your trying to book in for Nordic too.

Thank you @piratefox8 for the trust. See you soon!