Book Of Kells inspired Celtic tattoo by Sean Parry of Sacred Knot

Jackie’s Book Of Kells Leg sleeve

Work in progress. This is the beginnings of Jackie’s Celtic Book of Kells inspired leg sleeve. Compared to the craftsmanship of the original illuminations in the leafs of the holy book, my design is basic and overly bold.


But tattoos do change over time, so this is the level of detail I’m willing to go to to keep the tattoo looking good for years to come. It’s also not very often that I use any colour in my work, let alone two! Again, compared to the originals this is pale in comparison. In the 7th century the Irish monks had access to the best pigments from all over the world. The best red ochres from France, the deepest blues from Persia, and the purest whites made from lead.. dangerous stuff. These Celtic monks, seen as borderline heretics by the Catholic Church, where true artist, and as the original inspiration for my obsession with knotwork, they will always inspire me.