Viking Tattoo by Sean Parry

Erik’s Sleeve

I first met Erik 2015 in Denmark. We began the sleeve with a mark depiction of Odin on Erik’s left upper arm. A few years later we build up the design with coiling Urnes dragons. Dragons/wyrms in the ancient Norse, like most ancient cultures, were believed to be dangerous creatures but powerful and full of mystery. Only the brave would confront them – brave men like Ragnar Lothbrok.

In the tales, Ragnar earns the name Lothbrok, by preparing himself a pair of furry breeches and dousing them in tar so when he attacked the serpent, its venom could not pierce his clothing and poison him. This is why Lothbrok means: furry breeches.

Erik, I still hope I can meet you out in the East on your adventures before you return to Sweden! 😉