Nordic Tattoo by Sean Parry

Chris’s Homage To Order And Chaos


I’ve worked with Chris since 2017, and it has always been a pleasure to cover him in knots and dots. He has travelled the world and has many wonderful tales to tell about his adventures. His tattoos are deeply imbedded in these stories and ideas, as well as his articulation to this strange reality we all casually accept as life.

Chris’s left sleeve is to symbolise the flow of life, its brutal nature and power; hence the dragon. His right (a work in progress), is more to do with its order and structure; the ice and formality to the fire and chaos.

I do not doubt that Chris and I have many more hours of creativity, endurance and laughs ahead of us yet while we meet and tattoo on adventures around Europe.

Thanks for always supporting me dude, you’re a legend 🙂