Celtic and norse tattoo by Sean parry of sacred knot viking la tene

5 Days with Chris

After 5 days of tattooing earlier this week, Chris is back in America. He returns with a full sleeve of the Nordic myth of mead and poetry on his arm and chest. Here you can see how a tattoo progresses across a number of days so hopefully it will give you an idea of how long a sleeve takes.


In the final picture you can panels telling the tales of Odin ‘liberating’ the mead for the good of us mere humans! I used the style present on the Sigurd rune stone from Sweden for the characters and storytelling here. The same is also true for the knotwork and beasts. The swirls in the background are intended to represent the flow of mead and magic around the serpent coiled around Chris’s arm. Also the swirls are a big nod to his Celtic decent as well as his Norse. I’ll post more pictures soon with a more in-depth description of the tattoos meaning.