The Northern Fire History Podcast hosted by Sacred Knot and Badger King

Northern Fire Podcast


In the months where we were unable to tattoo due to the pandemic, we have kept ourselves very busy… There are a number of projects ongoing for the studio and also with Northern Fire, the artistic collective we started last year. We don’t want to give everything away so watch this space…


For now though, we wanted to share with you the first episode of the Northern Fire History Podcast:

In this episode, Sean and Broc are talking to Neil Price, a historian based in Uppsala, Sweden. Neil specialises in Viking age history and we have been following his videos and books for some time. We collaborated together last year for a blog on Viking Tattooing and were delighted to go into more detail. This time, the guys took the opportunity to talk to him about his newly released book “The Children of Ash and Elm: The History Of The Vikings”, his views on burial rituals and amongst other subjects, trolls…

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