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As very few of you will have even heard of Llandudno before visiting (apart from possibly in the news recently due to us being overrun by our new goat overlords), we thought it might be useful to show you some of the amazing sites that are nearby and help you plan your visit…   &nbsp…(Read More)

As well as my day job, I am lucky enough to work with the artists of the Northern Fire collective, who specialise in historical Celtic and Nordic artwork and to celebrate the winter solstice in December, we all performed around a fire in a cave in North Wales. We had originally made some recordings on…(Read More)

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You may have seen some posts on the Sacred Knot social media about Northern Fire… We’ve been so busy recently that we haven’t really had a chance to explain our vision, so here we go! The Beginnings Northern Fire was formed after a long day of tattooing in Manchester. Sean was trying his…(Read More)