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Northern Fire, Sacred Knot, Fire

You may have seen some posts on the Sacred Knot social media about Northern Fire… We’ve been so busy recently that we haven’t really had a chance to explain our vision, so here we go! The Beginnings Northern Fire was formed after a long day of tattooing in Manchester. Sean was trying his…(Read More)

Sean Parry

There is a story behind every tattoo that’s ever been put on skin. Maybe the story was that it was a deeply spiritual well planned out experience. Maybe it was a drunken tattoo in Ibiza. Maybe it’s three stars to symbolise the wearers three children, maybe it’s just because it seemed to…(Read More)

Knotwork on a drum

Celtic Knotwork


It seems like Celtic knotwork (or knotwork in general) has been around forever. It is likely that humans have probably been drawing knotwork for almost as long as they have been weaving / knotting it together. Some of the earliest creations made by mankind would have been things like rope bags to carry things in…(Read More)

Sean Parry

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would like to start blogging about my work, what it means to me, and where I intend to go with it. I don’t consider myself  as a pompous, holier than thou indervidual, and I hope that I don’t come across as such as I…(Read More)