Sacred Knot Tattoo Studio, Llandudno

A Busy Start To 2019…


You may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything on our website for a little while… There has been quite a lot going on!

Sacred Knot Studio

After spending a couple of years tattooing in Manchester, Sean felt it was time to move home to Llandudno and the first part of the year has been spent finding the right place to set up our shop. As with any moving, it ended up taking longer than expected and it feels great to finally be settled in.

Studio Sign

We also commissioned a swinging sign to be made for the front of the shop from Black Fox Metalcraft in Manchester. We have known Jenny and Richard for a number of years and at Sacred Knot, we are always interested in working with artists who are specialists in their field as well as learning new skills. I am sure we will collaborate in some way again in the future!

Below are some pictures from the sign being forged. The shop logo was laser cut into the steel and the sign is held in place by hand forged swirls. For more information on how Black Fox work in metal and to see their fantastic work, visit

Heating the steel to a workable temperature
Forging on the anvil
Cleaning up the welds
Our new shop sign courtesy of!

Badger King Tattoo

Broc had been working as Sean’s apprentice for some time and completed his first full sleeve tattoo at the Manchester Tattoo Tea Party at the start of the year! Now a fully fledged artist, Broc has been developing rapidly and specialises in Irish mythology as well as the Nordic.

Timon’s Sleeve by Badger King Tattoo. See more at

Our New Apprentice 

We are also pleased to announce the arrival of our new apprentice, Gloria!
Already an accomplished artist on paper, Gloria joined the studio in April to learn the art of tattooing and has been assisting Sean with the shading on some of his pieces as well as creating her own designs.

Find more of her work at

Gloria is available for her own tattoos, collaborations or commissioned artwork/tattoo designs.

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